Totally Weird Uniform Trends

Any sport has fans that practically worship the game and it’s players. This makes even a little style sported by anyone of the star players, become a trend. A haircut trend, a pre-game ritual trend and even other styles as well that end up being a trend followed by millions of fans around the world. The following are a couple trends set by players;

Leotard and football

When all football players gear up and get into their football armour consisting of similar jerseys, helmets and pants, it looks as if though they all are wearing leopards! Giving rise to a bizarre trend as this!

Pink pink in the air

When it comes to the season of breast cancer, it’s all about pink! This has led to many sportsman having at least some part of their school uniforms Brisbane being adorned with the colour pink. But currently it has become more or less of a style than serving its real purpose. The pink shoes, socks and other pink accessories are examples for this. 

A weird box

Certain Nike designed gear for football players have been added with a different, colour changing material to the stomach area. It turns into a darker shade of blue when sweat touches it. This has lead to the so called sweatboxes appearing only on some players while the others are free from it!

Pajama look

Baseball attire certainly has changed over the years for its players. Thus paving the way for baseball stirrups to go almost extinct! At present baseball players have their pants designed in a manner that makes it almost look like a pair of pajama pants. With no elastic bottom and being worn so low it almost is down to the shoe and touches the ground, it certainly gives out that pajama vibe!


The Noche Latina games are held in order to commemorate and honour its Latin heritage. In such games the players have their jerseys designed with a simple “Los” in front of their names.


These are mainly seem in the latest Nike gear that had been designed for the NFL. These unique and almost unreadable fonts adorned the fronts of the players from teams that have had complete renovations. Even though they might be somewhat unreadable and vary based on different teams they still have managed to become a trend!

Regardless of who the player may or may not be or which team one might be playing in, a simple trend has always managed to go a long way. With crazy sports fans in different fandoms as one may call it, it doesn’t take long to pick up a trend and make it go viral! Especially with the way of how accepting people are with out of the box and even mildly crazy ideas! You could try following some next time you go to watch a football game and don’t worry about sticking out like a sore thumb at all in fact you might fit in just right!