Getting Ready For Summer Tips

The countdown to summer has begun! And with summer comes a host of al-fresco events that require you to not only look fresh but also feel divine. It is important to remember that within just 12 weeks of frost comes the glorious months of summer! And being ready with perfect summer body and the glow is very important to have the perfect summer you have always dreamt of!Let us give you some expert tips on how to glam up yourself inside and out for summer

Glam up your skin

Winter is the sworn enemy of good skin! And if you are not too careful of your skin during winter the consequences will be shown right away during spring and summer. So make sure to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized by in taking the correct amount of water and using a moisturizing lotion that will do wonders in glamming up your skin. Also keep in mind to use UV protection during the summer and suntan when on the beach to avoid over tanning and burning of your skin.

Shape up your Body

Summer can be defined in laymen’s terms as the period when most people show some skin off. But being comfortable when showing off that skin is very important. Which is why you should consider getting into shape well ahead of time to look great in that bikini / boardshorts of yours. Get in shape with regular exercise and following a healthy diet. Eat food rich in protein and fiber to burn more calories and get the rate of metabolism up. Avoid oily fatty food and food rich in carbohydrate consumption in high levels. Check out for more information. 


You will need to change your wardrobe from the winter fluffy clothes to the sunnylife swan clothing. Go some shopping and get yourself some brand new summer clothes that will make you look great. You can shop for beachwear from online sites too. Or you could just visit a shop specializing in summer clothing and beachwear since they will have the best choices in town! Also keep in mind as winter coats are the “thing” during winter, shoes and bags are the “thing” during summer. So don’t forget to get yourself some new shoes and bags to rock that funky look!

Get rid of unwanted hair! – Ladies
Summer time also means getting rid of all unwanted hair, since we show off more skin. So make sure to get a full body waxing done to get that perfect glowing smooth skin that everyone dreams of. You can get a waxing done at the salon for a perfect look or you could even do it at home. But make sure to not shave off body hair as it has dire consequences.